Poetry and performance blend seamlessly in film. Christine has collaborated on projects with filmmakers and organisations across the UK.

A Month on the Mile

During her Makarship Christine, with help from Ingrid Murray, wrote a poem - A Month on the Mile - to celebrate business on Edinburgh's Royal Mile. It was commissioned in 2014 by the Royal Mile Business Association. The filming was done by Michelle Hanzelova and the music composed by Will Campbell.

A series of four films based on the poem show scenes from Edinburgh's Royal Mile and walk you through the work:

Spirit of '47

In 2017 The British Council commissioned a poem to celebrate the Spirit of '47. This event marked 70 years since the inaugural Edinburgh International Festival in 1947; not long after after the Second World War. Christine was filmed performing the poem Spirit of '47 as part of the Edinburgh International Festival.

The Stars are the Map

Between 2014 and 2017 Christine collaborated with Kyra Pollitt and the Scottish Poetry Library to create a written poem, The stars are the map to parallel a BSL signed piece by Gary Quinn. It told the story of the circumnavigation of the world by Gerry Hughes, a profoundly deaf lone sailor.

The Morning After

At the time of the Scottish Referendum (2014) Christine was asked to write a poem about it (for a Welsh audience!) Her poem The Morning After was used to close the Youth Debate on BBC.


Christine was interviewed by Wikitongues about Shetlandic. It is a not-for-profit platform for the world's languages.


In 2010, Christine's poetry was used in a short film by Rocio Jungenfield.