Christine has published seven collections of her poetry as well as a critically acclaimed novel, And then forever, and an art-history collaboration called Havera. Her other published works include poetry pamphlets, anthologies and commissioned works. She's also edited several publications.

Dat Trickster Sun is a 35 page poetry pamphlet published by Mariscat Press in 2014. Her previous collection, North End of Eden, was published in 2010 by Luath Press, as was Parallel Worlds in 2005.

Translator Jean-Paul Blot produced a bilingual (French-English) poetry selection of Christine's work called Mondes Parallèles in 2007. It was published by éditions fédérop

Christine's first three poetry collections - Voes & Sounds, Wast Wi Da Valkyries and Plain Song - were published by The Shetland Library between 1996 and 2002.