Review of Mondes Parallèles

"A volume of selected poems from Christine De Luca was due: Mondes Parallèles becomes that book. Working by email Jean Paul Blot made his choices from the four earlier books and presents text parallel to the Shetlandic or English. There is no glossary of Shetland words, but the reader will find the way to them through the French! Shetlandic words have a verve and immediacy. French is a language of great precision. The two make a good match.

Blot's translation follows De Luca's texts closely to capture the sights and sounds of Shetland. On its own merit it won the distinction of Le Prix du Livre Insulaire 2007 in Brittany...Reader, go and find this book..."

Review of 'Mondes Parallèles', Laurna Robertson, Northwords Now, Winter Issue, 08/09