Review of Pamphlets

"Drops in Time's Ocean by Christine De Luca, complete with the use of tasteful, grey endpapers, unusual in a saddle-stitched pamphlet. The pamphlet, refreshingly, isn't just a collection of poems, but the unravelling of a complex family history, the author's own. She starts with de Luca's great, great-grandfather, Alexander Pearson, and moving through six generations and a quarter of a millennium to her nephew, a Canadian, now 17. It's also the story of economic and social change for crofter/fishermen in Shetland and much else, illustrated with photographs where available, and other relevant artefacts. The poems, most in Shetland dialect, except for the one in English to her nephew, more than live up to the vivid, skilful standard we have come to expect and enjoy from this writer."

'Drops in Time's Ocean', Chapman Literary Magazine, January 2006