Review of Parallel Worlds

"Christine De Luca in the Introduction to her new collection, Parallel Worlds, chooses to use dialect and language interchangeably for the Shetlandic she employs for more than half of the poems. But the relaxed generosity of this usage goes along with a passionate belief in the value of the linguistic diversity that Shetlandic offers the poet...The important thing is the vigour of the words not the debate over their status. Reviewers tend to praise De Luca's Shetlandic poems over her poems in English. But her Shetlandic and English poems share an attentive specificity of perception, a sacramental feel for the natural world in both its vast extents and its minute details...And both tongues are felicitously used...De Luca's modernity is rooted in an understood past and in a number of poems this is signalled by a mixture of Shetlandic and English..."

Review of 'Parallel Worlds', Scottish Review of Books, Vol 1, No. 4, 2005


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