Listen to Christine speaking on BBC radio and reading some of her favourite poems.

Photo of Christine (right) and Rina Katajavuori (Left)

Christine and Rina Katajavuori recorded a conversation for BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour as part of the 2008 series, With Love From Me To You. The series documented communication between writers; in this case via email.

Photo of Mary Blance, Radio Shetland Presenter

Christine talks to BBC broadcaster Mary Blance about her life and her poetry. The programme was part of Radio Shetland's In Aboot Da Night series and is interspersed with some of Christine's favourite songs.


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  • "The relationships of the characters remain at the centre of the book"Mark Ryan Smith, The New Shetlander, Yule Issue 2011 No 258
  • "Her poetry - forthright but subtle - is a pleasure to read."New Playwriting Scotland, Winter Issue, 97/98
  • "Go and find this book."Laurna Robertson, Northwords Now, Winter Issue, 08/09
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