And then forever

Cover of 'And then forever'

And then forever, published in 2011, is Christine's first novel and seventh book. It was published by The Shetland Times Ltd.

Katherine Maitland has always wondered what happened to her Shetland grandfather when he emigrated to Winnipeg around 1900; why his life turned out the way it did. She sets out on a journey of discovery, based on the slimmest of evidence, and in the process, her own life takes a new and unforeseen turn.

Part historical, part contemporary quest, the two stories of this novel intertwine and reflect one another with considerable deftness. They are, above all else, about the human condition, and the constraints on deciding our own destinies.

Purchase the book

If you live in Edinburgh, you can pick up Christine's novel at Blackwell's bookshop, South Bridge. If not, then it is available online from The Shetland Times Bookshop.


  • "The relationships of the characters remain at the centre of the book"Mark Ryan Smith, The New Shetlander, Yule Issue 2011 No 258
  • "De Luca demonstrates a keen eye and freshness of vision when conjuring places."Tom Adair, The Scotsman, November 2011
  • "We still get a sense of very real lives and places, which is particularly evocative as seen through the faded glamour of the tourist today"Diana Esland, November 2011
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