Glims o Origin

Cover of 'Glimt av opphav - Glims o Origin'

Glimt av opphav - Glims o Origin, published by Ura Forlag (Norway) in 2017, is a bi-lingual poetry collection with 41 poems selected from Christine's six collections plus several new poems and two from the collaboration Havera, the story of an island. All but one of the poems are in Shetlandic and all have the Norwegian (NyNorsk) versions on the facing page. Translation was by Odd Goksøyr who worked in conjunction with Christine. The book ends with a critical essay by Øystein Orten and some reference material including a map, locating many of the poems. Both men spent time in Shetland in 2017 while working on the book.

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Glimt av opphav - Glims o Origin - priced at £9.99 - can be purchased from the Shetland Times Bookshop or by Contacting Christine.

Poems from the book


  • "Important... necessary... fascinating... rich... inclusive..."Sindre Ekrheim, Dag og Tid, January 2018
  • "It is fascinating how intense the poems are marked by the sense of place without being excluding, rather the opposite."Jim Maitland, The New Shetlander, No 283, Voar 2018
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