Cover of 'Havera: the Story of an Island'

This publication is a unique collaboration to tell the story of one small island in Shetland from its earliest, enforced settlement to its abandonment in the 1920s.

Published by Shetland Amenity Trust, it was jointly edited by Christine and J Laughton Johnston. They collaborated with Shetland photographer Mark Sinclair and Shetland musician Pauleen Wiseman. Christine's narrative poems augment Laughton's text and original compositions by Pauleen. The book's launch was accompanied by an exhibition of Mark's photographs.

Poems from the book

Audio from the book


  • "Author Laughton Johnson said...he didn't want to do a "straight story" and this was why he had collaborated with Christine De Luca for her dialect poetry..."Stephen Gordon, The Shetland Times, April 2013
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