Mondes Parallèles

Cover of 'Mondes Parallèles'

Mondes Parallèles, published in 2007, is a bi-lingual poetry collection with poems selected both from Christine's first four collections and some of her newer work. It was translated by Jean-Paul Blot, who worked in conjunction with Christine, and has recently been published in France by éditions fédérop.

It was awarded the Poetry Prize at the 9th Salon International du Livre Insulaire in Brittany, August 2007.

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Mondes Parallèles can be purchased by Contacting Christine.

Poems from the book


  • "Go and find this book."Laurna Robertson, Northwords Now, Winter Issue, 08/09
  • "Mondes Parallèles gives an insight of life in Shetland to French speakers."The New Shetlander, No. 241 - Hairst Issue 2007
  • "Une personne remarquable de pureté, de finesse, de sincérité directe, sans artifice."January 2008
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