North End of Eden

Cover of 'North End of Eden'

North End of Eden, published in 2010, is Christine's sixth poetry collection. It was published by Luath Press.

This collection of English and Shetland dialect poems centres around the wildness and beauty of Shetland. It gives not only impressions of nature and landscape, but also deep insights into the island's inhabitants and their culture.

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  • "In this collection Christine De Luca shows herself to be not only a heavyweight poet in her own right but also a trailblazer for the rest of us."Elizabeth Rimmer, Northwords Now, Spring Issue, 10/11
  • "North End of Eden is Christine De Luca at the top of her game, writing with great assurance and authority, and always, always, as she puts it, da element o winder."Jim Mainland, The New Shetlander, No. 253 - Hairst Issue 2010
  • "...she's able to make us see very acutely, particularly in dialect poems."Jen Hadfield, The Shetland Times, November 2010
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