Northern Alchemy

Cover of 'Northern Alchemy'

Northern Alchemy is a bi-lingual collection of 40 poems, each in the original Shetlandic, along with a version in English.

The poems have been selected from several of Christine De Luca's collections along with some previously unpublished poems. It was published in 2020 by Patrician Press, Essex.

The cover image is by Wendy Bailey, an artist working in Colchester.

Poems from the book

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Northern Alchemy can be purchased directly from the publisher, Patrician Press or from bookshops.


  • "De Luca's Shetlandic poetry revealed itself to me slowly and cunningly, shedding its guard as I recognised patterns and sounds"James Tookey, Republic of Consciousness, March 2020
  • "The sense of place in each of the poems is strong. There is an appreciation of the beauty and power of the natural world, and man's place in it"Jackie Law, Never Imitate, March 2020
  • "Every poem is a joy to read, having lived in a forest environment for 14 years, I could identity with Christine De Luca's observations about sea, plant and bird life"Robert Pisani, The Bobsphere, March 2020
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