Walking through thyme

Cover of the 'Walking through thyme' pamphlet

Walking through thyme was published in 2004. It is written mainly in English and has 8-pages of poems and four colour photographs. The poems form a sequence based on emigration from the hill villages of the Comino in Lazio provence, Italy and trace the story, not just of Christine's husband's family, but of the many other Italian immigrants to Scotland.

You can read the title poem from Walking through thyme below:

Drops in Time's Ocean

Cover of the 'Drops in Time's Ocean' pamphlet

Drops in Time's Ocean was published by Hansel cooperative press in 2004. It is a 44-page pamphlet containing poems about eight generations of Christine's family, on her father's side. The poems are written in both English and Shetland dialect.

Here are a couple of poems from Drops in Time's Ocean:

Earth, air, water, fire

Cover of the 'Earth, air, water, fire' pamphlet

Earth, air, water, fire was published by Hansel cooperative press in 2003. It is a 10-page, handmade pamphlet, which combines haiku by Christine with John Cumming's beautiful drawings.

These simple poems were set to music by Peter Davies and performed in Lerwick in 2009 by Andy Ross.


  • "The poems paint pictures, and bring people vividly to life...This is a fascinating book."The New Shetlander, No. 230 - Yule Issue 2004
  • "Drops in Time's Ocean is the unravelling of a complex family history, the author's own."Chapman Literary Magazine, January 2006
  • "Each verse seems to resonate with a sense of place"The Shetland Post, November 2004
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