Plain Song

Cover of 'Plain Song'

Plain Song is Christine's third poetry collection. It was published in 2002 by The Shetland Library.

This collection has a similar balance of poems to Christine's previous publications, with poems written in English and Shetlandic. It builds on earlier themes but also includes poems about language. Narrative poems, including a ballad, also form part of the collection.

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Plain Song can be purchased by Contacting Christine.

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  • "Christine De Luca's bilingualism makes her liguistically alert and accute."Northwords, Winter Issue, 02/03
  • "There is no suggestion that the old days were better; instead, we are made to feel that the present is just another stage."The New Shetlander, No. 221 - Hairst Issue 2002
  • "De Luca is an excellent reader of her own poetry, as the accompanying CD to this volume attests."Scotland on Sunday, July 2002
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