Cover of 'Veeve', a poetry collection by Christine De Luca

Veeve, published in 2021, was Christine's first full collection of poems for some years. It was published by Mariscat Press in Edinburgh and has a rich mix of poems in English and Shetlandic. Each Shetlandic poem has a glossary for quick reference which give the book a unique size.

Tom Pow describes it as "alive with outward-looking, generous poems" while fellow-Shetlander Jim Mainland finds it to be "the perfect pick-me-up for these cautious, emerging times". Of the image of the snow-globe, da flukkra-globe used in the title poem of the collection, he says:

"It occurred to me how effective an image that is for her own poetry: the way she takes a few propositions, shakes them up, then lets us watch them settle and resolve into something satisfying and crystalline - windows or portholes through which we look out onto unforgettable views or into scenes that revisit interesting places and people."

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Veeve can be purchased directly from the publisher, Mariscat Press or from bookshops.

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  • "We are swept into De Luca's world of musical language and clear-eyed observation"Anne MacLeod, Northwords Now - Issue 42, Autumn-Winter 2021
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