Wast wi da Valkyries

Cover of 'Wast wi da Valkyries'

Wast wi da Valkyries was Christine's second poetry collection. It was published in 1997 by The Shetland Library and won the Shetland Literary Prize in 1999.

Her second collection develops similar themes to her first but also includes many landscape poems. The poems also move out to other parts of the world, and work in several timeframes.

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  • "Her poetry - forthright but subtle - is a pleasure to read."New Playwriting Scotland, Winter Issue, 97/98
  • "There is not an unnecessary word: every page brings mind and ear to attention."The New Shetlander, No. 202 - Yule Issue 1997
  • "Christine celebrates Shetland landscape and memories as well as putting in a fag for MacCaig."The Scotsman, November 1998
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