Christine has had four Shetlandic & English poetry collections and one bi-lingual selected (French) collection published. A further collection is underway. Her poetry can be found in anthologies and has been used in many collaborative art projects and some of her poems have been translated into Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic, Finnish, Estonian, Latvian, Polish, Austrian-German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Welsh, Bengali and even English.

Glims o Origin

Heimferðir - Haemfarins

Singing the City

Dat Trickster Sun


Mondes Parallèles

Parallel Worlds

Plain Song

Wast wi da Valkyries

Voes & Sounds


Bolts of Silk

Edinburgh Museums

Scottish Poetry Library


The Net Mender

The Other Voices International Project

This Collection




  • "The relationships of the characters remain at the centre of the book"Mark Ryan Smith, The New Shetlander, Yule Issue 2011 No 258
  • "Her poetry - forthright but subtle - is a pleasure to read."New Playwriting Scotland, Winter Issue, 97/98
  • "Go and find this book."Laurna Robertson, Northwords Now, Winter Issue, 08/09
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