Luminous Tree

Rowans on a darkening slope sink into
soft shadow. They stand stripped
as skeletons, to shivering nudity.
The youngest loom, pale and defenceless,
barely aware that sap will rise. It is as if
the moon has lapsed, earth slipped her guard,
till even the solidity of trees is in question.
If we look away, will they fade, seep
into deeper distance? If we breathe,
will they give up the ghost?

Only Scots pine has stayed as sentinel,
kept faith. Resilient, they brush the skyline,
holding tints of dusk that illumine,
hint at hope, return, rebirth.

Christine De Luca, The Scottish Gallery, 2021


  • "Great art is both timeless and of its moment"Sir John Leighton, The National Galleries of Scotland, June 2021
  • "Crowe felt De Luca's words summed up what she was trying to do in her painting"Sarah Urwin Jones , The Herald, May 2021
  • "A book of contemplation"Giles Sutherland, The Times, May 2021
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