Yesterday, the wind broke the speed limit,
gusting to 80; blamed the jet stream
for its sudden tantrum.

Today it's morose and cold, a bit edgy.
Walking through Holyrood Park,
drivers zip past, bellicose.

On Arthur's Seat, rancorous crows are
all a birl, while on St Leonard's Crag,
that storm has laid tripwires:

broken branches, thrown to its wolfhound
that ran and sprang, playing catch
with bounding menace.

Passion is spent on the storm. Save it
for calm, sequestered days; for crescendos
of balmy whirlwinds.

Christine De Luca, 2011


  • "The poems paint pictures, and bring people vividly to life...This is a fascinating book."The New Shetlander, No. 230 - Yule Issue 2004
  • "Drops in Time's Ocean is the unravelling of a complex family history, the author's own."Chapman Literary Magazine, January 2006
  • "Each verse seems to resonate with a sense of place"The Shetland Post, November 2004
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