Water mirror

Drumsö Fiord, Helsinki

Above the harbour, swifts flit
in the still of a bright morning.

By afternoon, a slight breeze
choreographs a ballet of sails.

In the evening, tip-toeing cranes
lay down their burdens, lightly.

In the water's mirror I recollect
an early paradise, its dizzy freedom
reflected perfectly; and life's dance,
elemental and unrehearsed,
gracing its several worlds,
towards all receding Edens.

Christine De Luca, Luath Press, 2005


  • "The poet shows great skill in rendering meaningful Shetland poems from a variety of original sources."The New Shetlander, No. 234 - Yule Issue 2005
  • "She has again proved herself to be both a fine poet and a worthy ambassador for Shetland literature."The Shetland Times, September 2005
  • "This is poetry to be spoken aloud, allowing the sound of the words to form in the mind."The Herald, October 2005
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