Twa hill lambs
fae uncan erts,
- een black an halliget,
een moorit, mair perskeet -
ta'en fae da heogan
tae a park inbye;
cringed an teddered,

Little winder
sae clos yokit, een poos
fornenst da tidder.

Hit taks a while
at best, ta muv as wan,
at warst, ta thole; ta see
der naethin war as
closness whin hit's
reffelt up an wippit
in a snöd.

Christine De Luca, The Shetland Library, 1996


  • "An accomplished collection weaving together a life-pattern well known to islanders."The Orcadian, 1996
  • "Christine conjures up a moment, and let us know not only how it looks, but how it sounds."The Shetland Times, 1996
  • "Powerful and evocative portraits of island life."Northwords, 1996
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