Reviews of Dat Trickster Sun

"Christine De Luca's Dat Trickster Sun, a well-produced pamphlet from Mariscat, contains Shetlandic poems interspersed with English ones. It ends with an ambitious poem on the subject of dialect, which is mostly in English"Review of 'Dat Trickster Sun', Sally Evans, Northwords Now Issue 28, Autumn 2014 (Read the full review)

"Christine De Luca's most recent collection poses, and obliquely answers, many questions so well...her English and Shetlandic sit well together in this master class in how to edit and sequence poems in a collection."Review of 'Dat Trickster Sun', Gail Low, Dundee University: Review of the Arts, February 2015 (Read the full review)

"De Luca's voice is distinctive and different, but at the same time "sib [related] tae da hale wirld": a valuable and vigorous addition to the varied gene pool of contemporary British poetry."'Pamphleteers', Andrew McCulloch, Times Literary Supplement, November 2014 (Read the full review)

"Dat Trickster Sun manages, against the poet's prediction, to greet and sing at da sam time. It is a beautiful song of a book, and it echoes in the mind. Christine De Luca is at the top of her game. This is a mature and memorable collection, and a quality production by Mariscat Press"Review of 'Dat Trickster Sun', Laureen Johnson, The New Shetlander, No 269, Hairst 2014, September 2014 (Read the full review)

"...a selection of metaphysical poems which rise above [an insular outlook]. [Shetland dialect thrived] when most islanders were involved in crofting and fishing...and why not take the dialect to new places?"'Poet blends English and dialect with linguistic flair', Stephen Gordon, The Shetland Times, June 2014 (Read the full review)

"Ower da years, I'm been interested ta see a few constant themes emergin in Christine's poetry. Dey include nature, da landscape and how it cam ta be, wir relationship wi aa dat, wir relationships wi een anidder, a feelin fir folk an der lives aa aroond da world, an language itsel."Review of 'Dat Trickster Sun', Mary Blance, Shetland Life No. 403, May 2014 (Read the full review)


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