Reviews of Inta Shetland

"Da Shetland translation, by Christine De Luca, is truly Phenomenal."Review of 'Inta Shetland', Peter Lawrence Ratter, a pupil at Brae School, The New Shetlander, No. 245 - Hairst Issue 2008 (Read the full review)

"George's Marvellous Medicine is a hilarious book. Dare I say, Christine De Luca's translation is even funnier. She really demonstrates how descriptive and humorous our dialect can be. On speaking to a few youngsters that have read both books, this is the one thing they all agree on."'Dodies's Phenomenal Pheesic', Valerie Watt, The Shetland Times, November 2008 (Read the full review)

"Christine's sessions highlighted the richness of the dialect and the expressive qualities within it and by the end of the sessions the bairns of Mossbank had added a number of words to their Shetlandic vocabulary."'North Mainland Notes', Maree Hay, The Shetland Times, September 2008 (Read the full review)

"...pleasingly naughty, and full of the wild, onomatopoeic language that [Christine] believes the Shetland dialect is particularly good at. It shows children that the dialect isn't old and stuffy, but modern and evolving."'Playing with words', Cathy Feeney, The Shetland Times, October 2008 (Read the full review)