Reviews of North End of Eden

"In this collection Christine De Luca shows herself to be not only a heavyweight poet in her own right but also a trailblazer for the rest of us."'North End of Eden', Elizabeth Rimmer, Northwords Now, Spring Issue, 10/11 (Read the full review)

"North End of Eden is Christine De Luca at the top of her game, writing with great assurance and authority, and always, always, as she puts it, da element o winder. Her reputation beyond Shetland is fully deserved. I sometimes have reservations about the constraining nature of the dialect voice, but the cosmopolitanism of Christine De Luca's poetry acts as a welcome antidote to that. In fact, she appears so profligate with her use of dialect, and so versatile, we forgot how small the store of words really is - and that is the true measure of achievement."Review of 'North End of Eden', Jim Mainland, The New Shetlander, No. 253 - Hairst Issue 2010 (Read the full review)

"Unsentimental, but not indulgently gothic either. De Luca's poetry is often as strange and immediate, and also substantial, saying things which need to be said."'De Luca at most potent in dialect', Jen Hadfield, The Shetland Times, November 2010 (Read the full review)

"I wis wirkin at Radio Shetland da day der review copy o Christine's book North End of Eden arrived so I snaffled it right away an I'm spent a lokka time wi it fae syne...Christine takks wis on her travels in dis book. Shö's fun her inspiration no juist in Frakkafield, Steins, Orgill an Happyhansel - bit in Finistère, Rajastan, Manitoba an Siena. Da wark o da Finnish painter Albert Edelfelt is sparkit poems as weel as da charcoal drawings dun be Sarah Longley. Artefacts in Da Museum of the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh is been da source o some very strong writing an da colour o India comes trow da poems it grew fae her visit der. Dis book might spaek in Shetland but is in no wye parochial."'Nae sma benefit', Mary Blance, Shetland Life, September 2010


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