Reviews of Pamphlets

"The poems are straightforward, often conversational in style; they are meant to tell stories, and that is what they do. But they also paint pictures, and bring people vividly to life...This is a fascinating book."'Drops in Time's Ocean', The New Shetlander, No. 230 - Yule Issue 2004 (Read the full review)

"The pamphlet, refreshingly, isn't just a collection of poems, but the unravelling of a complex family history, the author's own...The poems, most in Shetland dialect, except for the one in English to her nephew, more than live up to the vivid, skilful standard we have come to expect and enjoy from this writer."'Drops in Time's Ocean', Chapman Literary Magazine, January 2006 (Read the full review)

"Christine De Luca's words, beautifully crafted in the Shetland dialect, flow effortlessly from the page...Each verse seems to resonate with a sense of place that has the reader eagerly following the genealogy line of its characters."'Drops in Time's Ocean', The Shetland Post, November 2004 (Read the full review)