Reviews of Parallel Worlds

"The poet shows great skill in rendering true and meaningful Shetland poems from a variety of original sources."Review of 'Parallel Worlds', The New Shetlander, No. 234 - Yule Issue 2005

"De Luca captures the personal and historical connections that language can provide, and weaves them together in a moving and intelligent tribute...She has again proved herself to be both a fine poet and a worthy ambassador for Shetland literature."Review of 'Parallel Worlds', The Shetland Times, September 2005 (Read the full review)

"The poems achieve a delectable musicality...This is poetry to be spoken aloud, or at least read slowly, allowing the sound of the words to form in the mind. Let no one be put off by the initial strangeness - this language explains itself if one listens carefully. Even when it doesn't, the unfamiliarity is hugely enjoyable...Rich rewards await those who read her"Review of 'Parallel Worlds', The Herald, October 2005

"...mature, unshowy writing put to work in the service of humane, open-hearted thinking."Review of 'Parallel Worlds', Favourite Reads of 2005, Scotland on Sunday, November 2005

"Using cultural parallels, concrete verse and translation to emphasise their themes of multiple identities and shared values over vast distances, [the] poems are not so much traditional as explorations of tradition."Review of 'Parallel Worlds', Scotland on Sunday, October 2005 (Read the full review)

"Reviewers tend to praise De Luca's Shetlandic poems over her poems in English. But her Shetlandic and English poems share an attentive specificity of perception, a sacramental feel for the natural world in both its vast extents and its minute details."Review of 'Parallel Worlds', Scottish Review of Books, Vol 1, No. 4, 2005 (Read the full review)

"The volume strikes me as sustaining a real quality of excitement and as being punctuated by fresh thematic ventures and pulses of energy...A colourful and compelling collection, enriching in the two-way glimpses it gives us into contrasted (and often 'parallel') cultures - and into the human heart."Review of 'Parallel Worlds', Stewart Conn, Poet, 2005

"Parallel Worlds is in no way limited by its strong local roots. From that base, it reaches out to universal concerns. Here we find the work of a mature poet, sure of her purpose and sure of her medium."Review of 'Parallel Worlds', Robert Alan Jamieson, Edinburgh Review No. 117, 2005 (Read the full review)

"De Luca also proves the point that the local is universal: writing mainly in Shetlandic, she manages to reach out across the world with a richness of language and thought that is intensely satisfying"'Books of the Year', The Herald, December 2005


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