Reviews of Plain Song

"Christine De Luca's bilingualism makes her liguistically alert and accute."Review of 'Plain Song', Northwords, Winter Issue, 02/03

"I welcome the absence of nostalgia in many of these poems...Here, there is no suggestion that the old days were always better; instead, we are made to feel that the present is just another stage in a longer continuous cycle."Review of 'Plain Song', The New Shetlander, No. 221 - Hairst Issue 2002 (Read the full review)

"De Luca is an excellent reader of her own poetry, as the accompanying CD to this volume attests. The poems in the Shetlandic dialect are more accomplished, and oddly more accessible, than her work in English...At its best, though, this is a refreshingly elemental body of work."Review of 'Plain Song', Scotland on Sunday, July 2002

"Once again we can only marvel at her way with words, whether in English or in Shaetlin, her insight, the power of her imagination, and the sheer vitality of these vivid poems [is] striking."Review of 'Plain Song', The Shetland Times, August 2002 (Read the full review)

"Don't just enjoy reading them - for Christine, who performs her work wholeheartedly, has recorded a CD of the poetry with music...Her words [are] alive with the simple melody that is Plainsong."Review of 'Plain Song', Mary Blance, 2002 (Read the full review)

"This new collection, Plain Song, instantly impresses again. What a truly individual gift Ms De Luca has. Once again, if you open the book, you open a treasure chest...The dialect, in her voice, sings like crystal."Review of 'Plain Song', Cencrastus No. 76, 2002


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