Review of Plain Song

"Christine De Luca's handsomely produced third collection of poems continues the poise and promise in her previous two books. In the accompanying CD, the author reads the poems sensitively and contributes useful introductions to them...I welcome the absence of nostalgia in many of these poems...Here, there is no suggestion that the old days were always better; instead, we are made to feel that the present is just another stage in a longer continuous cycle...The experience of women is subtly yet strongly voiced throughout the collection...Some of my favourite poems are inspired by people, and celebrate the unsung: 'A song for Catherine Doyle', 'Completin da circle', 'Breaking the language barrier', the superbly layered 'Starn sign', and especially, the moving 'Paes eggs', all the more powerful for the fragility of its understatement...Time and time again in this collection the reader is surprised by familiar voices."

Review of 'Plain Song', The New Shetlander, No. 221 - Hairst Issue 2002


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